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Job Search Focus Group: Pt II

JSFG Website


Visit the website at www.jsfg.com.

JSFG planned a major event for HR professionals, giving the website a much-needed deadline.  As the stakeholders had progressed with little interaction, I was responsible for finding a solution that met everyone's needs.

My Role:

  • User Research
  • UX/ UI Design
  • Branding
  • Prototyping
  • Copywriting
    Note: My only involvement in the  member profiles and employer portal was determining how the applications would interface with the rest of the website. 

Establish Minimum Viable Product

I incorporated the findings from my user research into the stakeholders' vision to create the site map and information architecture.

Initial Requirements
·      Allowance for ongoing updates without requiring them
·      An aesthetically interesting theme that would make it easy to add new content without the developers
·      Addressing disparate pain points through separate user paths



JSFG offers a unique service, so I had to be somewhat creative when defining the competition.  I looked towards job placement agencies as a source of inspiration.

I started developing the aesthetic of the home page in Sketch. I realized that more developed mockup connected better with our stakeholders. I skipped sharing wireframes and went straight to mockups for further pages, which improved feedback regarding content and sped up the approval process. 

I prototyped the design with Invision to test navigation, and discovered users responded better to reduced information upfront and direct labels for navigation.

Front Page Iterations

One TEmplate To Rule them ALL

About JSFG_Feb_15.png

As we would need to add to the website later without help from the WordPress developers, I devised a simple template that would accommodate our current and future needs. With the visual interest coming from bold colors and shapes, we could stick with a  content organization in a single column.