I made things and you can see them.

FPCA Form Proposal

The Federal Write-In Absentee Ballot REDESIGN

Ease of use, presentation in design, and formulation of questions to the voter on the FPCA are fundamental to its successful use, and to the success of your program. [T]he new Standard Form…. has been changed in a way that makes it more difficult and problematic to use for overseas civilians.
— Carolyn B. Maloney, Member of Congress

The Federal Write-In Absentee Ballot (FPCA) was up  for redesign, and the Federal Voting Assistance Protection Program (FVAP) had submitted a form that ignored key aspects of previous usability studies.  There were major concerns that the language might create legal issues for citizens using the form. Overseas Vote Foundation collaborated with two of the authors of the studies, UsabilityWorks and Oxide Design Co. I was largely in charge of the creating the deliverables as well as contributing to the design, content, and wording.

Our Thinking

Keeping within the extremely limited aesthetic and fixed content,  we went through dozens of iterations before our final proposal. Working off UsabilityWorks and Oxide Design Co's previous research and design decisions, we made the language more plain, improved the organization, and tweaked the visuals for greater visual clarity. I created the explanation you can see below.